I have often found it frustrating that so many of my students make significant uninformed and poor financial decisions before they graduate that tend to lock them into a path far below their true potential. There are no personal financial planning textbooks targeted at low-income community college students that address these issues from their perspective. Likewise, the subject matter itself is rarely a required class.

So, when the country went on lockdown to combat COVID-19, I began writing this book to address those issues. Along the way, I chose to turn down invitations to have this book published. I did so because I feel that if there is going to be a personal financial planning textbook directed at low-income college students, it should also be accessible to those students. And you don’t get any more accessible than FREE.

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  1. adrian roman Avatar
    adrian roman

    great professor that demonstrates his best values towards his perspective on finance

  2. Amazing content for anyone interested in expanding their understandings in personal financial management.

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